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Mask – Edge Of Paradise
This is a really solid and powerful debut from Edge Of Paradise who seem to have come out of nowhere. Actually this isn’t very far from the actual truth. Edge Of Paradise hail from the US (LA to be more precise) and they have only formed in January this year. However the massive sound they have perfected and unleashed on this new release sounds and feels like it’s been honed over many years. Edge Of Paradise are a four piece consisting of Margarita Monet (Vocals), Dave Bates (Guitar), Kevin Kaitch (Drums) and Steven Cook (Bass). Kaitch and Cook joined the band in the second half of this year, but album itself was recorded with the helping hands of  rock veterans Gregg Bisonette on the sticks and “Fretless Monster” Tony Franklin on the bass.

Margarita is one seriously talented performer and is perfect to front this kick ass rock band. Sexy, slick, oh yes, and she can sing too. Dave used to play in Bleed with Robin Macauley with whom he shares song writing credits for five of the nine songs here. Ryan Jones also shares song writing credit for the title track. Other noteworthy participants in this riff encrusted guitar jewel are Bjorn Englen, Craig Anderson, Rick Steel, Andly Cassiato and Filix Nunez.

What struck me most about this album (and I literally mean struck), is the power generated. The sound just seemed to follow me everywhere pounding my ears and my senses. The album consists of nine tracks and just over 30 minutes. A little short maybe but those thirty minutes were relentless and full of a rich and potent rock and metal music concoction.

Margarita’s vocals combined with Dave’s guitar playing are unforgettable and the songs are memorable particularly in the album’s title track with lyrics that are particularly poignant and haunting..

How does it feel, to breath the night, to be alive. How does it feel, to lose yourself, to finally believe..

My favourite tracks on this album are Falling Down, Tail Of The Gun, Thrown It All Away and a magnificent instrumental Fire composed by Dave. Think Hollywood movie car chase soundtrack and you’ll be getting the right picture. I also loved the slower We Breath which is a love song with massive balls.

There’s plenty of info out there about this band and I want to hear more. One of the main things a rock fan needs from a new band is a tour. Edge Of Paradise are currently treading the boards in their home territory. I’d like to see them Europe side as soon as possible with a little bit of the UK thrown in. Pretty please guys!

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Mask – Edge Of Paradise


October 23rd, 2011



  1. Annrocks says:

    Love this album! The band is incredible!

  2. The guitar work is very cool, love the singer, i expect this band to explode rather soon

  3. billyh says:

    these guys are one of my favorite new artists- Im looking forward to the next cd already, i have about worn this one out! great guitar work- it got me practicing!